Our approach to fertility healthcare needs to change

When I was 17, I was handed a comprehensive list of what I could no longer eat.

It was a few months from when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) a common condition that affects the female reproductive system, and can lead to issues like Type II Diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and infertility. Sitting in my gynaecologist’s office, a copy of my latest ultrasound image on the desk, I watched, half-amused, half-horrified, as she mapped out my diet plan for the indefinite fut

Starting the conversation: food guilt

September 25 2022 (according to my UberEats order history), I spent most of the night intermittently working through a strange type of shame. It’s one I’ve experienced so often that it’s come to feel commonplace – but I always remind myself that it shouldn’t be.

This latest episode of food-related guilt occurred after a binge, following a period of being relatively careful of what I ate. It sounds odd now when I think about it, but I sat for ages trying to distract myself from the feeling of fu

Dissent shouldn’t be a death sentence

“Someone’s crime was that her hair was flowing in the wind,” rapped Iranian musician Toomaj Salehi – a song lyric that would soon result in his arrest for crimes punishable by death.

Over the past week, international discussion of the situation in Iran has taken on a new, more frantic tone. This is largely due to a particular false news story which spread like wildfire: no, the Republic did not sentence 15,000 people to death. In reality, one unnamed protester so far has been sentenced to death

No, Glasgow is not “The UK’s first feminist city” (yet)

Last month, councillor Holly Bruce put forth a motion which aimed to make public spaces in Glasgow safer and more inclusive for women and people of marginalised genders. The motion, which has since been passed, states that “a gender neutral approach to city development does not work,” and the needs of women require urgent attention in this department. Therefore, the aim is to adopt a feminist approach to town planning and allow women to become central to planning, budgeting and policy developmen

Racist Graffiti on UofG campus

According to a post on the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, racist graffiti has been found at the St. Andrews building. The graffiti – which has since been painted over – reads “Kill the Chinese.”

This appears to be part of a string of hate-crimes occurring in Glasgow, with similar vandalism recently being found in at least four different locations across the city. Along with the St. Andrews building, racist graffiti also appeared on a flagpole directly outside of the University. The

I don’t want to love myself

In contemporary society, we tend to look at self-love as essential. It’s a by-product of a world that’s been altered by social media and the rise of body positivity. Self-love and body positivity have been lauded by so many influential people that when you don’t love yourself, it can feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Not loving yourself can almost feel like doing a disservice to this world that’s become so much more open-minded, and decidedly more accepting of different body types and cha

Women’s safety is on the line

Women’s Safety Scotland have recently developed an interactive map to pinpoint locations in Glasgow that may be dangerous for women. The map relies on self-reports from women themselves regarding instances in which they felt unsafe in these areas.

Coloured markers are sprinkled over a notable proportion of the map, each denoting that the location has been marked as unsafe. Along with the countless reports of concern over isolated streets and large gatherings of men, many of these markers repres

Visiting Glasgow Women’s Library

Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) has come a long way since its modest beginnings at Garnethill. Stepping through the doors of its present location in Bridgeton, I was transported to a shop front, at the corner of Hill and Dalhousie Street, that seemed unassuming for the UK’s only accredited women’s museum.

The library first opened its doors in 1991, and was intended as a place to celebrate the work of women and support female academics. Their path to success was far from straightforward: they had

What went wrong at Astroworld?

Concertgoers tragically succumbed to injuries sustained at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, with 10 people dying in total. Recently, the BBC reported that a nine-year-old boy had passed away from injuries that resulted from the massive crowd surge at the festival. His death makes him the youngest victim of this tragedy so far.

Justifiably, the widely reported tragedy has brought a series of onslaughts on those responsible for the mishandling of the concert. In particular, rapper